Tigerr Benson – Tigerr Girl

Tigerr Girl

Tigerr Girl

Tigerr Benson wants your opinion. Do you like her dress? She's asking. Can you deny a beautiful, busty girl speaking with a British accent?

We caught up with Tigerr for a quick chat.

SCORE: When you watch your SCORE videos, what do you think?
Tigerr "I always think it's odd to see myself. When I am in the studio with a guy it seems like it's just us together. So I guess it's a bit shocking to see it online. I usually watch one about four or five times. I generally prefer DP scenes. It's not a performance to me, it's just me with a guy or guys. I watch alone. I think it would be a bit embarrassing to watch with someone else, especially a guy. He might get jealous too!"

SCORE: What have your fans said about your SCORE scenes, both solo and hardcore?
Tigerr: "Firstly they all seem to like the makeup and the outfits. I do too. They make it much more sexy. I have a member called Kevin who is always asking me to do something with Hitomi so I think I will contact her when I am back home and meet her. She is cute. A lot of my fans like girl-girl scenes so they are waiting to see if I do any with SCORE. I have just done one with Angel Wicky."

Tigerr's threesome with Angel and a stud is coming soon to SCORELAND.

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Syndi Fox – Every Time Is Like The First

Every Time Is Like The First

Every Time Is Like The First

"I feel like a virgin every time I have sex. It takes a little while for my pussy to adjust to the cock but then it goes in and out pretty easily. But then when I'm done it's like my pussy closes back up! When I have sex again it's so tight, and if I'm with a new guy they always think it's my first time. They have to put their cock in me really slowly and work it in inch by inch. I don't mind, though. It makes sex feel really good!"

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Holly Brooks – Gaping Butthole Bone-nanza

Gaping Butthole Bone-nanza

Gaping Butthole Bone-nanza

Holly Brooks needs action and she needs it bad. She murmurs and purrs and makes the heavy breathing sex sounds of a girl in heat. Her little hands squeeze her big tits as she stares into the camera and makes a pouty face.

Holly's horny talk pours out of her mouth, the mouth that will be filled with a thick cock in a very short time. "Shove that cock in my ass? C'mon, Daddy," moans Holly, her hands pulling on her string bottom.

Holly climbs onto the bed, her ass in the air. Her bracelets rattle in sync with her vibrating ass. Before things get too desperate for our shapely blonde friend, Holly's X-Man arrives in time to come to her anal rescue.

Pulling aside her g-string, he spits into Holly's butthole and slides two fingers into it. He spreads her pussy lips to reveal her deep pink. Holly lowers her polka-dot bra and shimmies her shoulders, her sexy tits jiggling hands-free. Holly has to suck first before she can get any cock up her holes. Gagging and gurgling loudly, Holly throats as deep as she can, the head bouncing into the back of her throat. Drool leaks out of her mouth. He holds her head with his hands to fuck her throat and feed her his balls. Holly needs to stop a few times to drool and catch her breath.

This is all a warm-up to one of the hottest fuck scenes of the year, thanks to Holly and her sexual talents. Her pussy and asshole take a mighty pounding in the kind of positions few girls can do. This flexible girl should write her own sex manual and include pictures.

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Madelyn – Almost the perfect girlfriend

Almost the perfect girlfriend

Almost the perfect girlfriend

Occupation: Dance instructor; Age: 22; Born: March 27; Ht: 5'8"; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: No thanks; Anal: All good girls do it; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Oh yeah.

Madelyn is a hip-hop dance instructor who decided that she wanted to shoot a porno movie. That might seem like a big leap to make, but we haven't even started getting to the good stuff. Her favorite hobby is sucking cock. Wait. It gets better. For her first fuck scene, she decided to get her asshole fucked by a gigantic porn cock. Normally when girls start in the porno business, they dip their toe into the water by doing some solo work. Then they'll do a blowjob scene. Some girls work their way up to regular sex and never do anal! That's why Madelyn is so special. Oh, we should have mentioned, Madelyn has a boyfriend who doesn't know that she's here!

Hang on, there's a lot of things going on here. Let's recap. Madelyn's favorite thing to do is suck dick. She loves getting her asshole fucked. She's a dance instructor who can do the splits. She loves trying new things in the bedroom. She's cheating on her boyfriend.

Well, she was almost the perfect girlfriend.

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