Vanessa Y. – Candy Striper

Candy Striper

Candy Striper

Fantasy nurse Vanessa Y. makes good use of that medical examination chair. It's perfect for examining her big tits and freshly grown-out bush. (Yes, the Polish princess's follicle forest is back, per request of the bush supporters at SCORELAND.)

The sexiest nurse with the largest breasts in this clinic, Vanessa first gives her big, jiggly boobs a hands-on examination. She stands and turns, sticking her ass out to the camera, and wiggles it. Yes, that is indeed a very spankable, slappable ass. You'd be happy to love-bite those soft yet firm cheeks.

Vanessa slowly divests herself of her tight fantasy nurse's outfit to reveal her bright red brassiere and panties. She lowers her bra under her tits, slips off her knickers and sticks her naked knockers right at ya, just inches away, rubbing them together, kneading them, bouncing them, her breathing getting heavier. Picking up a magnifying glass, she holds it in front of her nipples and lowers it to magnify her angel of mercy pussy. Finally, a worthwhile use of a magnifying glass.

Nurse Vanessa Y. is the cure for what ails ya.

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Lucy Lenore – Who’s That Girl?

Who's That Girl?

Who's That Girl?

Hailing from Ohio, this buxom brunette's body is perfect for contorting into all of the raunchiest positions you can think up. But when you have a body like hers, the classic positions can be just as satisfying. Crawling into view on all fours as her latest scene opens, Lucy Lenore looks ready to take a doggystyle pounding.

"Don't you like my big ass in these jeans?" Lucy says, smacking her bottom.

We sure do, but we know we'll like her ass even more out of them.

"Don't you want to just take a bite," Lucy adds.

In urban lexicon, big butts are referred to as "apple bottoms," and Lucy has one big enough to feed a small village. Of course, her backside isn't the only place in which Lucy is blessed. The biggest reason Lucy is here with us--and is a new favorite of the Brotherhood of XL Men--is because she has ample sweater meat.

"This bra makes my tits look so big," Lucy says as she fondles her J-cups. "It can barely contain them."

Nothing man-made can contain those girls, but they're made to be held in a boob man's hands. Frankly, so is her whole body. If you've ever asked a plumper lover what he loves about these women, their soft, huggable curves are at the top of the list. They are kissable, pinchable and made for soft nibbles and big bites.

Simply, they're the best girls in the world. And this girl Lucy shows us all of the ways in which they are.

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Kendall Rex – Special cum delivery

Special cum delivery

Special cum delivery

There's a knock on the door, and it's the delivery man. He has a box for Kendall Rex, and this 56-year-old cougar is eager to receive it, so eager that she opens it right in front of him. And what's inside? Panties! What kind of woman opens a box of crotchless panties in front of the delivery man? A woman who wants to get laid.

"Maybe you can tell me how they look on me," she says to JMac, "and then if I don't like them, you can take them with you when you leave."

You can tell where this one is going. Kendall takes off her old panties and has him put on the new ones. Before we know it, she's sucking his cock and fucking him. And that's how things happen in Porno Land.

Kendall is a first-timer to fucking on-camera. She's a swinger. She's a nudist. She's divorced. She enjoys sucking cock and getting her pussy eaten, and she wants to have a gang bang while her boyfriend watches.

"I have no problem being watched," Kendall said. "I enjoy it."

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Alena Croft

Alena Croft Alena Croft
Alena Croft @
Step-moms can be a bitch. You probably know this already. Take Alena's new step-son, Trent. He knows this all too well. Trent's already caught his new step-mom cheating on his dad...and with a black dude, no less! The only thing that makes matters worse is Trent's fetish. See, he's an unabashed voyeur, and isn't it funny how step-moms know so much? She knew Trent's a little perv, so she cut the deal: let me have my fix of BBC, and I'll let you jerk your winky and watch. In fact, if Trent's a "good little boy", he gets rewarded. So kick back and watch as Alena allows Trent to jack his dinky all over step-mommy's extra-large titties. Sounds like a good deal to me!
Alena Croft Alena Croft
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Anna Beck – Wet Tits, Plump Cunt

Wet Tits, Plump Cunt

Wet Tits, Plump Cunt

XL Girls has only breast intentions for the lovely Anna Beck, our beloved 38M-cup queen. The camera follows Anna in a spa after she has had her workout. (Anna trains in the kickboxing course called FitBox.) Anna put on a tight pink bikini at our request. Her majestic mams totally overpower her top and it's a miracle of engineering that it doesn't snap under the weight of her massive breasts.

Anna enters the shower room, still wearing the bikini which looks more like dental floss. Would she wear this in public at the beach or at a resort pool? Every head would be in the direction of her royal rack if she did.

Anna peels off her bikini and soaps up her humongous hangers. The camera moves in very close and the view of her dripping-wet knockers is shocking and invigorating. Anna is truly blessed.

Anna reaches lower and soaps her sweet v-spot. After she has rinsed and toweled dry, Anna moves to her left and there stuck on the glass pane is a cock-shaped toy. Anna sucks it and sticks it between her deep cleavage valley, then pulls it off the glass and has her way with it, pumping it in and out of her pussy and relieving the stresses of the day. Thanks for the invitation to your shower, Anna.

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Ginger Black – Ginger is the I.T. guy’s it girl

Ginger is the I.T. guy's it girl

Ginger is the I.T. guy's it girl

"In my spare time, I check out adult novelty shops and theaters," said Ginger Black, a 41-year-old MILF from New Jersey. "It's exciting to think that I might go into a store one day and see myself!"

She means photos of herself in 40Something magazine or maybe a DVD of this scene, Ginger's first hardcore shoot.

"I wanted to try something new," Ginger said when we asked her why she posted a listing on an Internet models-wanted site.

In this scene, Ginger is having trouble with her laptop computer and calls an I.T. guy. He finds some racy photos of Ginger on the computer. She tells him she does some cam-modeling. Then she sucks his cock and fucks him. The guy is J-Mac. Any first-timer who takes on JMac's big cock is already in advanced territory.

Ginger has been a bartender, a waitress, an interior designer and a rack girl for a billiards company. She does have a nice rack. Her tits are DD-cups. She has blond hair and hazel eyes. She has two kids, and she's divorced. She's a swinger.

"I would like to try a bukkake contest," she said. "I saw one online."

Hey, we should have all of the members line up and jack off on her face.

"I'd like that," she said.

We're sure she would.

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Kasey Warner – Teaching Princess A Lesson

Teaching Princess A Lesson

Teaching Princess A Lesson

Kasey is a bit of a brat and needs to be taught a lesson. And who better to put her in her place than Sasha? Our MILF tutor pulls her ponytail and asks her if she's ever sucked cock. Kasey says yes, but Sasha wants to see for herself. Kasey demonstrates, switching off from one cock to the other, sucking deep and making lots of sloppy noises. "Small mouth but a deep throat," Sasha says. The scene escalates into a four-way where both gals are getting their pussies plowed. Sasha spreads Kasey's ass cheeks as she's getting fucked from behind and spits on the cock for extra lubrication. Both girls ride their way to a creamy, cum-soaked ending, and it's quite clear that Kasey has learned her lesson.

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Holly – Missing you!

Missing you!

Missing you!

Occupation: Dairy Queen server; Age: 26; Born: February 22; Ht: 4'11"; Wt: 90 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Usually Thongs; Anal: I like anal; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Not often; Lives: Portland, Oregon.

What happens when a horny girl hasn't seen her boyfriend in a long time? She gets even hornier. Then she masturbates while fantasizing about getting her hot, wet pussy filled. And, if that girl is exceptionally turned-on, she films it for us.

Meet Holly, a 26-year-old from Portland, a city that seems to encourage going out and having fun, no matter what that may be. "I go out every night to distract myself from my boyfriend being gone," she told one of our editors who got in contact with her. "It's easy to do here. There are bars everywhere. I get a little silly when I drink, though. The other night I walked home completely topless. It's legal to do that here, but I did get some interesting looks!"

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Lavish Styles – Droppin’ It Like It’s Hot

Droppin' It Like It's Hot

Droppin' It Like It's Hot

When we first saw Lavish we thought she looked like pop chanteuse, Rihanna. You know, the chick that sings that Umbrella song. Well, we imagine that the conversation between her and this John went something like this:
"You look like Rihanna,"
"Yeah, people tell me that. Want me to suck your dick?"
You'd have to be nuts to refuse that offer. Lavish may not have the biggest tits out there, but she makes up for her quantity with the quality of her cock-sucking and pussy popping. You see, she says she likes to fuck the dick and when she does, she likes to imagine herself on the dance floor, throwing her coochie and her ass around. She says the reason she makes so much dough as a hooker is because most guys want to fuck a black chick that looks like one of those video hos. "I just pop my ass around and drop it down and grind it on their dicks and them boys go crazy and give me all that money, baby!" Well-said, Lavish. You keep on dirty dancin' your way to the bank!

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Emy Diaz – Lost and Lewd

Lost and Lewd

Lost and Lewd

Nothing is free in this world, but lost little Emy Diaz doesn't need to carry cash with her. She's got her own special payment method, and it's better than a credit card. That's because Emy's wet mouth and tight pussy are accepted everywhere and all you have to do is swipe them with your cock and the transaction is complete. Fortunately Emy brings her mouth and pussy everywhere she goes, and showing her gratitude for a ride home is as easy as unbuttoning her driver's pants. She gives him a sloppy, lip-smacking, throat-tickling blow job and takes him inside to screw his brains out. Whether on top or bottom, Emy loves to get drilled hard. She squeals and moans like the Latina slut she is and begs him on to fuck her harder. And like anyone who receives excellent service, Emy tips her ride by letting him cum all over face.

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CJ Woods – Stairway To Hooter Heaven

Stairway To Hooter Heaven

Stairway To Hooter Heaven

"Are you trying to look up my skirt," CJ Woods says as her latest scene opens. "You don't have to do that. I can just take it off for you."

CJ is the embodiment of Southern hospitality, isn't she? And she has the type of body that gives the Brotherhood of XL Men wood. Her plump, womanly figure and tender personality have made CJ a favorite around these parts.

"I have a sexy little black thong on," CJ adds. "Do you want to see what I have under this sweater?"

As sweet as CJ is, she knows how to be just enough of a tease, which we really appreciate. It makes her even sexier. She knows what we want, but she's careful not to give it to us all at once.

"It's really getting hot in here now," CJ says as she peels her clothes off.

It's getting hot in here because CJ is hotter than a forest fire. We follow CJ up to her bedroom, where things get even steamier. CJ explores every inch of her body, tickles her clit, fingers her cunt and fondles her tits until she's pushed to a rapturous orgasm.

"That felt so good," she says.

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Katarina Dubrova – Kat Loves Cream

Kat Loves Cream

Kat Loves Cream

Katarina Dubrova is nearing the end of her pregnancy. She'll be giving birth soon. Her sex drive has been off the charts the past few months as her hormones flood her gorgeous body. This year we've seen Melissa Mandlikova pregnant as well as Natalie Fiore over at Kat is the friskiest of them all because she's done several hardcore sex scenes on-camera.

Kat is dressed like she's preparing to become a house mom. She unbuttons her dress and pulls her pregnancy-bloated big boobs out of her supportive bra. Taking a breast in her hands, she squeezes it. A few droplets of pre-natal breast milk (called colostrum) leak out. Kat takes a can of whipped cream and sprays her nipples. She sticks her long tongue out to lick each nip and uses her fingers to scoop up some cream, popping them in her mouth. She has a sweet tooth.

Kat takes off her dress. Now she is just wearing mommy panties. She pulls it to the side to touch her clit and pink hole, then removes her panties. Her pussy lips are thick and protruding. She uses two fingers to rub and pull on them and rub her lady boner. Her moans of delight fill the kitchen. Kat wants more tingling and she wants to cum. She wants a toy to fill her up. There happens to be one right next to the dish of apples on the counter. Kat sticks it in and her hand looks like she's beating eggs. You can hear the squishing sound of her pussy getting wet and gooey. She makes contented sighs and to quench her sweet tooth, sprays more whipped cream directly into her mouth. Katarina, you are so sexy.

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